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ESL leaders of GENTEfication in Boyle Heights... improvement from within.... CHECK OUT OUR MERCH SECTION...Take the MTA Goldline till 2am on Fri/Sat... We have a different OKE (kind of like a Karaoke sing along without the bouncy ball) every Thursday.... the Olé Trinity (Trio ELLAS). BE the Mariachi. DO what Mariachis do. HAVE what comes with Mariachiness... Mariachi-OKE takes place on the 3rd Thursday of every month... Cabaret Show / DJ on Saturdays... Residenté DJ on Fridays... Check out the Calendar Section for details


  • Carolina Cerisola & the Walter Davis Band

  • las chicas

  • shhhh

  • lisa

  • mira nomas

ESL Promo Vids

  • eSLOW mo -video by Martin Yernazian

  • FASTmo- video by Martin Yernazian

Roc n EastLA

  • LA Santa CECILIA.... filmed by Carla Zarate

  • desmadre con Conjunto Nueva Ola

  • Ruben Guevara & Thee Eastside Luvers

  • WilDog (OzO) y su Banda Juvenil

  • WilDog (OzO) y su Banda Juvenil opening

  • LA SANTA CECILIA.... filmed by Jose Asuncion y su Crew

  • Ceci Bastida

  • Pilar Diaz

  • The Blue Agave

  • Lysa Flores @ Eastside Luv

  • Alice Bag at Eastside Luv

  • lil Bastards

  • Lil Bastards

  • Cava

open mic video

  • Eddie Casillas (Bartender) y su Lil Guitara Banda (aka el Chavo del jarOCHO

  • Where You From?

    Other Videos

  • Lysa Flores

  • ESL Shorty by Reyes (Tropico De Nopal)

  • ESL with NELA TV

  • Ruby Champagne perf on 5D Mayo Fiesta